Make sustainable living commonplace.


Our company’s vision is linked with our purpose, which is to make sustainable living commonplace.

We live in an era where speed, punctuality and flexibility are imperative in marine logistics, coupled with value-for-money, reasonable costs.

To achieve this, we have adopted state-of-the-art technology and automations, combined with key hub locations globally and 24/7 alertness to all our customers’ needs, at any place in the world.

This, combined with our highly specialized and experienced team who personally serves each and every order we handle, makes us the most attractive choice when it comes to marine logistics.

Further, our latest initiative to launch our exclusive “Compass Smart Logistics Platform” expands the status quo, bringing together ship suppliers and ship owners in a mutually beneficial connection.

Our philosophy in a nutshell.


We are a relatively new founded but fast growing organization and our team counts 25+ years of cumulative experience in marine logistics globally. We are growing through healthy, long lasting co-operations with our customers, suppliers and partners around the globe.

Our aim is to keep growing based on:

  • Transparent & trust-based relationships

  • Inspiring, empowering and training our personnel

  • Investing in technology-smart initiatives

Most of all, we all go the extra mile, to ensure each and every shipment arrives safely and promptly to its destination.

We promise and we commit to deliver what you need, when you need it, safely.

Our Mission

Transparency & Trust.

Punctuality & Speed.

Alertness & Personal service.

Smooth & Seamless operation.

Time saving & Smart procedures.

Respect to humanity & environment.