Terms & Condition



Unless provided otherwise in this document, the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, latest version, inclusive the arbitral stipulations, as filed by FENEX with the court registry (registries) at the District Court(s) in Amsterdam (Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem), are applicable to all our activities. The Dutch Warehousing Conditions, latest version, with exception of the arbitral stipulations, as filed by FENEX with the court registry at the district Court in Rotterdam, are applicable to all orders which exclusively concern the warehousing of property. The general Conditions of AVC/CMR Transport 2002, latest version, filed with the court registry (registries) at the District Court(s) in Amsterdam (and Rotterdam), are applicable to agreements concerning road transport. All the aforementioned conditions will be supplied free of charge. Dutch Law applies.


All hub locations – warehouse matters:

  • All goods received from suppliers must be given in a safe merchandise and properly packaged condition.
  • All goods received from suppliers must be received & accompanied from a commercial invoice – packing list.
    The amount declared on the invoice is the one we will place in our system for insurance purposes.
    In the event an order is received without commercial invoice, order shall be excluded from the insurance coverage by Global Air Compass.
  • For goods where value exceeds the amount of EUR 5.000, we will need to be informed prior of the receipt of the order to the warehouse-hub location.
    For goods exceeding the above value, Global Air Compass will issue an extended insurance, which we will charge the customer accordingly. In the event that the customers, do not wish to have this coverage per order, Global Air Compass will not be liable for any loss or damage during the storage of the subject order in the warehouse.
  • For DG orders for storage purposes, we will need to receive all documentation and MSDS forms, prior of the receipt of the order to the warehouse – hub location.
  • Once an order is placed to the supplier for further dispatch and storage to one of our hub locations, it is automatically agreed that the customer has accepted the terms and conditions of Global Air Compass.

  • All our hub locations are fully equipped with:
    - Cameras CCTV’s overviewing the terrain.
    - Alarm system connected with private security company.
    - Internal motion detectors.
    - Visitor policy on gates, and locked secured gates for AOH.
    - Cameras are accessible via secure internet connection, with recording capability of 1 month.



General forwarding & dispatches of orders:


  • Global Air Compass acts as International Freight Forwarder, all our activities are subject to the conditions of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, filed by Fenex http://www.fenex.nl/Documents/Nederlandse%20Expeditievoorwaarden%20(Engels,%201%20juli%202004).pdf)
    Based on these conditions, Global Air Compass is not liable and cannot cover any loss or damage or delay, caused by any third party i.e. airline, shipping line, trucking company etc.

    Information on the amount refundable per shipment, and /or insurance premium coverages for dispatches, are available upon request. 
    Instructions for placing the cargo insurance premium, shall be received in written at least 24hrs before the dispatch of the cargo.
  • Once booking is nominated, it is automatically agreed that the customer has accepted both the offer and the conditions.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • Cash payments on arrival / or destination charges, may be requested to be settled in advance on the occasion of: The Shipping Line and/or the Airline and/or the destination agent, requires amount which exceeds EUR 500.
  • All invoices are issued & sent by email, and are automatically accepted by the customer.
    Any clarification on the invoiced charges, should be requested from Global Air Compass written within 5 working days, after the receipt of the invoice.
    When no clarification is requested written, customer automatically accepts Global Air Compass invoice, and same shall be settled in accordance to the agreed credit policy. 
  • If a customer exceeds the agreed credit limit or there is a continuous default in payment behaviour, Global Air Compass can hold up shipments until payments take place in order.
  • The Client agrees to be bound by the payment terms stipulated in the proposal/purchase order/contract. In the absence of any other agreed payment terms, all invoices shall be payable in full within 30 days of the date of the invoice. If payments have not been received within 30 days of the date of the invoice, two percent (2%) interest will be due over the full amount of the invoice for every month or part of a month that the invoice payment is delayed thereafter.
  • If the customer, after notification, continues to be negligent for the payment due, the claim shall be transferred for collection. All costs incurred in the collection of invoiced amounts (including extrajudicial collection costs) shall be borne by the customer in accordance with the Collection Costs Act, unless there is a trade agreement referred to in Article 6: 119a paragraph 1 of the Civil Code. In the latter case, the customer is entitled to a reimbursement of costs for the payment of compensation out of court immediately after the expiration date of the invoice of 15% of the due, and at least € 75.00, before a notice has been sent.
  • Storage fees apply to all our warehouses. The customer is liable to settle the storage fees.
  • Volume clarification: for air cargo: 1m3=167kgs, for sea cargo: 1m3=1000kg, for road cargo:1m3=333kgs and 1 loading meter (LDM)=1850kgs, in which case the highest rate per kg, LDM or m3 will be applicable in quotations, and invoices for all charges.
  • Any contract between Global Air Compass and the Client relating to the provision of services shall be governed by and constructed according to the Laws of The Netherlands. The court in Rotterdam has exclusive jurisdiction to take knowledge of disputes between Client and Global Air Compass, unless the law mandatory dictates otherwise.